Livin’ La Vida Local: Where To Enjoy The NFL

Find a Seat Around The City For Football Season

The 2012-2013 NFL football season has officially kicked off (no pun intended)! Staying in to veg out and watch the games from your cozy Corporate Suites Network apartment sounds pretty appealing, but you may want to get out and join the locals every now and then. Chicago is undoubtedly a sports town; check out these places to enjoy football in style, comfort and good company. Heed our warning—keep it quiet if you’re not a fan of Da Bears.


If you’re staying at Presidential Towers, head less than 1 mile west to…

Union Park Lounge (228 S. Racine Ave.): For those who love food as much as football, Union Park Lounge is the ticket. The 26 big-screen plasma TVs around the place make sports-watching easy and enjoyable—as does the $17 buckets of Miller Lite. Hungry? This place offers its full menu of affordable American fare until midnight.

Courtesy of Union Park Lounge

If you’re staying at 400 N. LaSalle, head less than 1 mile northeast to…

Mike Ditka’s Restaurant (100 E. Chestnut St.): What better place to watch football than the home of Da Coach? This great American-style restaurant is a local favorite, just like the team it represents. The food—Sunday, brunch and dinner—is “big, bold and beautiful,” as described by Ditka himself. Special bonus: Every Tuesday through Saturday, Ditka’s has a lounge singer performing hits by Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin and more.

If You’re Staying at Park Meadows in Schaumburg, head 2 miles south to…

Westwood Tavern (1385 N. Meacham Rd.): This suburban restaurant has something for everyone. Football lovers can watch games on big screens; foodies can indulge in from-scratch American cooking; beer lovers can sit at booths with personal beer taps; socialites can relax among friends at the outdoor bar by two fireplaces. Westwood lets you live it up on game days—Enjoy special drink deals, private party rooms and more in this comfortable, warm venue.

Courtesy of Westwood Tavern