Corporate Suites Network’s Award-Winning Service

Furnished Apartments inĀ Chicago

Corporate Suites Network is known for award winning service provided to corporate housing extended stay guests. One reason for our success is the fact that our entire management staff is composed of hospitality professionals. Beginning with the President of Corporate Suites Network, and the six Managers of our operation, combined, have accumulated more than one hundred years of experience in the hotel, restaurant, and travel related industries. The intense training and experience of their professional background has helped us to achieve our goal of consistency in Quality Customer Service. In addition, the core management staff of ten has an average length of employment of ten years with Corporate Suites Network. It is our philosophy that by maintaining core management staff, a certain consistency exists that ultimately leads to higher standards of customer service.

A suite attendant’s job description is accompanied by a written statement of our Standards of Professionalism and Code of Conduct. This covers professional appearance, professional behavior and housekeeping guidelines. Newly hired housekeepers work with a seasoned suite attendant for three days of training before they become responsible for the cleaning of any guest apartments. Every apartment is inspected by a supervisor, using a Quality of Cleaning Inspection Form, before the guest arrives. Out of a possible score of 100, each suite attendant must maintain an average minimum score of 97.5 in order to retain her position.

Professional Service, Experienced HandsĀ 

At every level, our employees are selected primarily for their attitude and their experience. The majority of our total staff has extensive hospitality experience as a part of their professional background, so they are steeped in the tradition of service, service, service. With this degree of service tradition in common, our staff has been able to maintain a valuable consistency in its approach to Quality Customer Service.


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