Best Local: We All Scream For Ice Cream

July is National Ice Cream Month… need we say more?

Courtesy of Turkey Hill Dairy

Science proves that a spoonful of ice cream has immediate mood-lifting effects on the brain. But forget that—we’d eat it regardless. Whether you get it in a cup, cone or shake, ice cream will be your go-to best bud in this triple-digit heat. Need more reasons to grab a banana split on your lunch break? The unique frozen dairy options available in Chicago during National Ice Cream Month are more than persuasive.


If You’re Staying At 400 N. LaSalle:

How did no one think of this sooner? 25 Degrees Chicago (736 N. Clark St.) offers spiked shakes—yes, milkshakes with booze. One of the varieties is The Salty Caramel, which has Maker’s Mark, butterscotch, vanilla ice cream and caramel topped with Hawaiian Red Sea salt. Sorry, cocktails, you’ve just been replaced for the summer.

Courtesy of 25 Degrees

Get There: Hop on the 156 Bus headed toward Belmont/Halsted at LaSalle & Kinzie. Get off at Lake & Huron, head east on W. Huron and turn left up N. Clark. Commute Time: 7 minutes


If You’re Staying At Elm Creek Apartments in Elmhurst:

Brain Freeze (110 W. Park Ave.) is an adorable local haunt with a huge of variety of ice cream flavors, Italian ice, five flavors of vegan soy ice cream, shakes, cupcakes and more. Yes, even more. Give the signature brain freeze a twirl—Italian ice blended with the juice or pop of your choice.

Get There: Head north on S. Prospect Ave. and take a right onto W. Butterfield Rd. Turn on S. York St. and another left onto W. Park Ave. Commute Time: 8 minutes


If You’re Staying At Columbus Plaza:

Thank goodness for the Taste of Chicago (Columbus and Balbo). Without it, you’d have to go all the way out to Beverly on the South Side to indulge in the 80+ year-old local legend that is the Rainbow Cone. It’s a skinny little cone with five flavors piled on for a rainbow of ice cream slabs. No, the Taste is no local secret, but this gem of a treat sure is.

Courtesy of Rainbow Cone

Get There: Board the 6 Bus headed toward 79th/South Shore at Wacker (Upper) & Columbus. Get off at S. Commute Time: 15 minutes


If You’re Staying At City View At The Highlands in Lombard:

Every Day’s A Sundae in Downers Grove (990 Warren Ave.) is your definitive suburban mom-and-pop sweets shop. Your choice of more than 40 ice cream flavors will taste even better in their “for here” glass dishes.

Courtesy of Every Day’s A Sundae

Get There: Head south on S. Highland Ave. and continue onto Main St. Turn left onto Warren Ave. Commute Time: 10 minutes


What’s one thing better than frosty, creamy Rocky Road stacked on a waffle cone in July? Oh yeah, nothing. There is no such thing as over-indulging during National Ice Cream Month. You’re not binging, you’re celebrating.