Livin’ La Vida Local: Thanksgiving Weekend in Chicago

Give Thanks For These Chicago Happenings

Courtesy of the Chicago Festival Association

The last stretch of November holds more than just a few days off from work; it’s Thanksgiving weekend. Whether it’s the food, the shopping, the return of holiday music or the time spent among people you love, next weekend is always one for the books. Check out these picks and events geared to help you get the most out of the holiday.

You’re away from home and don’t exactly have the motivation or the skills to prepare your own Thanksgiving turkey. Harry Caray’s Italian Steakhouse in Lombard (70 Yorktown Center) has you covered. This Best Local restaurant is one of the few open on Thanksgiving to stuff you full of herb-roasted prime rib and hand-carved roasted turkey. Just 0.6 miles from City View at the Highlands in Lombard!

Courtesy of Harry Caray’s

Hit the streets with the masses and stake out a front row seat to the McDonalds Thanksgiving Parade (State Street). Sky-high balloons, marching bands, honored guests, dance troupes from the likes of the Joffrey Ballet and circus acts from Ringling Bros. and Barnum & Bailey’s make up some of the 100+ parade entertainments. Easily accessible from our downtown locations.

Courtesy of Chicagoland Radio and Media

You may be more familiar with Black Friday, but Black Wednesday is just as popular in the realm of nightlife. Since most businesspeople have the day off work on Thanksgiving Thursday, the night before sees explosive attendance at bars and clubs. Socialize and imbibe at The Joynt’s (650 N. Dearborn) 2nd Annual Black Wednesday’s Ladies Night Out. Just a 7-minute walk from 400 N. LaSalle!

Courtesy of The Joynt