Livin’ La Vida Local: New Chicago Eateries

Be First To The Dinner Table

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They say they early bird gets the worm. In terms of restaurants, the same is true. But in this case, the early bird is the local foodie and the worm is the satisfaction of being first on the scene at a hot, new Chicago restaurant. The tourists are all looking for Gino’s East, Harry Caray’s and the Billy Goat Tavern. You’re past that. Eat with the locals to find the newest of Chicago’s golden grub.


-Skinnie Piggy (940 W. Madison) is 0.5 miles from Presidential Towers

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You have a sweet tooth, and we understand that. You’re also conscious about sugar binging, and Skinnie Piggy hears you. Here, the portions are smaller (hence, skinnie), but your craving for sweets will be satisfied. The cupcake selection is large and unique, but they boast cookies, brownies are more baked goods too. What sets this place apart is also the expansive collection of nostalgic candy. They don’t stop there—grab gourmet gummies and premium chocolate while you’re in.


-LM Bistro (111 W. Huron) is less than 0.5 miles from Kingsbury Plaza

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Fearless French contemporary cuisine—that’s what LM Bistro is all about. The setting is sophisticated yet inviting, the food is beautiful but exquisite and the prices are right. Owned by a local husband-wife team, you won’t get distant restaurant-chain service here. Enjoy the eats at the bar, in the warm dining area or out on the patio.


-Belly Q (1400 W. Randolph) is just under a mile from 180 N. Jefferson

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Local celebrity chef Bill Kim (the man behind Urbanbelly and Belly Shack) just opened up this modern Asian fusion barbecue joint on Randolph Street’s famous Restaurant Row. This new concept eatery is the product of Kim’s partnership with the trustworthy, upscale Michael Jordan and Cornerstone Restaurant Group.


-Westminster Hot Dog (11 N. Wells) is a two-minute walk from 215 West Apartments

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Not quite another Chicago hot dog shop sitting underneath the El tracks. At Westminster, all the sausages are hand-made onsite and never include any nitrates, preservatives, or fillers. The standard stuff always stays, but once a week the eatery gives customers the chance to indulge in the slightly more obscure—try some duck, bison, elk, venison or wild boar, won’t you?