How Your Business Benefits With Chicago Furnished Apartments

chicago furnished apartments

As an active business, you may find your business always on the move. With a constantly moving business, you would want to ensure that your employees always have a place where they can live for a few months. In such large cities such as Chicago, it can be difficult for your employees to find a location where they can easily commute to and from work. With Chicago Furnished Apartments, we allow you to find your ideal corporate apartment that allows your business to run more efficiently. Our business provides you with the security, comfort, and price that you cannot find anywhere else.

Why Chicago Furnished Apartments?

There may be many reasons why you need extended stay apartments. Perhaps a regular hotel does not provide the space or amenities you require. Maybe, you wish for a more convenient location that does not make your employees or associates travel too far. Maybe a regular hotel does not allow for extended stays that last longer than a month. Whatever the reason may be, Chicago Furnished Apartments offers listings of corporate apartments for businesses that are looking to either extend their business or host a long conference. Chicago Furnished Apartments offers many benefits over regular hotels or apartments. Our business helps you find a place to stay that is not too costly, but provides you with the highest degree of comfort. We can help you book a stay in one of our corporate apartments without any of the hassle or wasted time.

About Chicago Furnished Apartments

Chicago Furnished Apartments provides businesses with listings of corporate apartments that contain full amenities and resources so that your associates’ business trips can go as smoothly as possible. Our apartments offer services beyond just housing and listings. Chicago Furnished Apartments includes benefits such as:

  • Clean brand new pillows and sheets
  • Clean amenities such as remotes, clocks, and radios
  • Pre checked roomsthat have been tested with a UV light wand
  • Fresh clean carpets
  • Clean linens and towels

Unlike most hotels and other apartments, our services provide you with a completely furnished and cleaned room. You do not need to worry about dirt or other messes before arriving. Our staff ensure that your room is completely clean and supplied with all of the items you will need for your extended stay. Each room is painted with bright colors to make your living space clean and refreshing every time you step in. To further ensure that your apartment remains clean and comfortable, we offer biweekly cleanings.

Rest assured, our staff are screening and selected for their hard work and ethical conduct. All of the cleaning staff are monitored and supervised by one of our higher level management. Theft and other concerns should not pass your mind with our rigorous application process. Each cleaning staff member must maintain a high score of cleanliness to remain on the team. Your room will always meet the highest standard of cleanliness possible. In order to make your experience with us as smooth as possible, our core management team has worked with Chicago Furnished Apartments for over ten years. With this much experience, our staff understand how the business has worked for years and can guide you with any troubles or questions. They also know the city very well and can guide you in navigating around downtown.

Where are we located?

Chicago Furnished Apartments has many different apartments all over Chicago so that you can choose the ideal location that allows you to commute with ease. There are listings on the website that can help orient you to your exact location and allow you to plan your extended stay. The apartments are located in areas that are not too crowded with tourists so that traffic and people will not be an issue during your day. On the website, you can compare locations with our virtual map and images to help you determine where you would like to stay.

If downtown life is too hectic and crowded for you, we also have listings in the suburbs where it is more quiet and traffic is not an issue. These special listings also have images of the units available and maps for you to compare and plan out your travel time. These apartments are just as furnished and cozy as our downtown listings.

We also provide apartments in other states such as California, Ohio, Texas, and New York. This way, you do are not limited to planning trips in Chicago. You can explore what cities we have connections with at our website so that you can plan your trip in advance. If you still do not see your city, you can contact our friendly staff who can guide you in finding options.

What are the rooms like?

With each apartment we offer, you can find a detailed video and or pictures about the rooms available. Chicago Furnished Apartments offers different rooms sizes from studio apartments to apartments that house many people. Each apartment listing has images of the layout so that you can visualize how you would organize your furniture. The listings also contain pictures of the apartment with furniture so that you can visualize the space. The apartments listings also have pictures that show you what the entire apartment complex looks like to give you a feel for where you will be staying. The videos included also give you a virtual tour of the unit so you can imagine yourself walking around the unit. You can see the size of the pool, what other amenities they offer, and the layout of the entire complex. This way, you can get an idea of how large the complex is and whether it is a good fit for your associates.

chicago furnished apartments

What is living in one of our apartments like?

Living on one of our apartments is as comfortable as living in your own home. Our apartments all have a working fully furnished kitchen, bedroom, and central living area. In these apartments, you have much more space than a regular hotel room. You can cook your own meals instead of having to go out for dinner each night. You can bring your own furniture and accessories without worrying about becoming crowded. Noise and other neighbors are not of concern when living in our apartments. There is far more privacy and quiet for you to complete your work in our apartments due to the larger space.

Many of our apartments also provide other services such as pool, recreation rooms, and exercise rooms where you can enjoy your day when not in business meetings. If you are traveling with family these are great places for your children to play and relax. These do not require any special membership; they are free for the tenants to use as they please. These amenities are located on site for your convenience. You can now enjoy a run or swim that is just minutes from your unit.

The majority of our apartments also provide wireless and TV services so that you can conduct your business affairs without any problems. The internet we provide allows you to research and perform any video conferences without any delay or lag. You do not have to worry about providing or finding your own service when you stay in one of our apartments.

The best part about is that you do not have to worry about the cost of your TV and internet. All of these amenities are included in your original bill.

Local attractions and services

We also offer advice and guides about the best places to visit during your stay. We understand that business is not all work and not play. Rather than guiding you to the busy crowded tourist locations, we can guide you to the best local spots that few know about. These local spots can allow you and your family to enjoy the night in quiet. Some of the spots that we suggest are local landmarks, shops, dining and restaurants, and entertainment. You can go out one night and enjoy the local food or go shopping for whatever necessities you may require during your trip with ease. With these extra tidbits, your business trip can be more memorable as you explore and make memories in the city that you are visiting.

chicago furnished apartments

Contact our friendly staff

To learn more about planning your business trip with Chicago Furnished Apartments, you can contact us at 1.800.833.0331or visit our website. Our expert and friendly staff can help you plan out your entire trip. They will ensure that you have any special needs such as disability accommodations provided for your business associates. Any questions or concerns can also be addressed over the phone or through email. We want to ensure that your trip goes as smoothly as possible.Our staff can answer any questions about planning your trip and booking your extended stay. If your business has many associates, we can accommodate for a large number of people. Chicago Furnished Apartments looks forward to helping you plan your business trip and ensuring that you enjoy your entire stay in one of our luxurious spacious apartments.