4 Great Reasons to Use Corporate Housing in Chicago

Let’s start with what “corporate housing” is. It’s short and long-term housing solutions for people and businesses who find themselves frequently moving about, be it throughout the whole country, or just within their sales regions. A company wanting to train field office employees will need a place to house a training representative, and insurance companies use corporate housing companies in the wakes of natural disasters to send out their adjusters for field work or house those affected.

In most cases, these types of jobs take longer than a few days to complete and it costs a fair amount to house an employee in a hotel for an extended stay. Corporate housing gives you the option to book housing with furnished spaces and home amenities for your extended stay.

If you find yourself in the Windy City, here’s 10 reasons to use corporate housing in Chicago.

It’s cheaper than a hotel.

chicago temporary housing

In Chicago, hotels can be too costly. Long-stay’s for their employees leave companies looking at paying $200+ for even a basic room. In 2016, the average daily rate of corporate housing in the US was $150. There are some hotels where you can find cheaper prices throughout the city, but supplementary costs related to these hotels make this an expensive option.

You have the amenities of home.

chicago temporary housing

Monthly apartment rentals through Corporate Suites Network are all fully furnished spaces that are designed with purpose. Homely kitchens with appliances and cooking utensils affords the option to buy groceries and cook for oneself instead of having to shell out cash for your morning coffee and breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

And food in Chicago can get expensive fast. Nevertheless, $300 in groceries that will last two or three weeks is always better than dropping almost $100 a day on three basic meals in addition to the cost of travel and time to have these meals.

Location. Location. Location.

chicago temporary housing

Corporate housing can be found in apartment buildings, residential complexes, and in some cases, actual houses. This means that a customer has their pick and won’t have to sacrifice an ideal location when making the right choice. With a broader range of options, one could be just a short drive or cab ride from the heart of town while still having the relative quiet of residential areas, or find themselves in a bustling area with more things to do than time to do them.


It makes it easier to relocate employees and new hires.

chicago temporary housing

Having to uproot one’s life to relocate for a job is a taxing process. So if you’re moving an employee because of a promotion or bringing in a new hire, providing the right living space while they search for a place to settle down in the city or suburbs is paramount. In the corporate housing world, treating our customers as well as you would like to treat your employees is our mission.

Having a comfortable temporary space allows your employees to get familiar with a certain area and still have the time to meet with clients without the hassle of worrying about getting the family moved and finding time to search for their permanent housing solution.