Location Matters: How to Decide Between a Corporate Apartment in the City vs. the Suburbs

Before the pandemic, many people had a clear-cut preference on where they’d rather relocate. You either loved the city or preferred the quiet recluse that the suburbs brought. Unfortunately, as COVID-19 continues to spread, things aren’t like they used to be. Every day brings about something new—new rules, new closures, new restrictions. The level of uncertainty is draining and a return to normalcy in Chicago still seems inconceivable. But, as we know, life goes on and business travel has resumed. To ensure you get the most out of your time, remember that location matters. To help you make an educated decision about your options, here’s how to decide between a corporate apartment in the city vs. the suburbs.

Short-Term Corporate Housing in the Suburbs

Right now, more people than ever are choosing to relocate to the suburbs—especially if they’re working from home. With increasing options to telecommute, the appeal of city life slowly fades away. This is further strengthened by ongoing closures and restrictions that city residents experience. To properly weigh your options, consider some of the benefits of utilizing short-term corporate housing in the suburbs.

Quiet and More Nature

It’s no secret that the suburbs offer a quieter lifestyle. Things aren’t as cramped as they are in the city, giving neighborhoods room to spread out and enjoy the open space. Most houses are supplemented with full-size yards and apartment complexes have plenty of outdoor amenities. Since the population density in the suburbs is far less than Chicago, you’ll be able to avoid crowds and only immerse yourself in activity when you choose.

The reduction in density directly correlates with an increase in green space and nature. The suburbs have more hiking trails, national parks, and places for you to get outside and explore.

Less Traffic

Since fewer people live in one area, there are fewer cars congesting the road. While yes, there’s still going to be some traffic—especially in more populated suburbs—it’s nothing compared to Chicago rush hour.

More Options for Inexpensive (or Free) Parking

Parking costs are directly correlated with parking demand. In the suburbs, there’s room for expansive parking lots, thus drastically increasing the number of available parking spots at any given time. The less demand there is, the lower the cost.

In fact, a lot of the parking options in the suburbs are free. Since neighborhoods are more spread out, there are less parking permit requirements. When you need to go to the store or feel like exploring, many parking lots don’t charge a fee and you’ll find free, accessible parking garages where you need them.

Dog Parks and Trails

If you’re a dog owner, the suburbs are a perfect place for you to explore. You’ll have access to plenty of trails or unattended sidewalks. Due to the influx of nature, there are also hundreds of dog parks scattered throughout the state that are settled inside of park districts or nature reserves.

Playgrounds and Outdoor Activities

If you’re relocating for work and are bringing your children, the suburbs can offer some distinct advantages. Within most neighborhoods, there are at least one or two playgrounds and parks. While there are plenty in the city as well, they can be dirty, unkept, or a little questionable depending on the location. The sheer number of playground options in the suburbs allows your children to explore in close proximity to your short-term rental. Additionally, the suburbs tend to be safer and have a stronger community.

The only downfall to the suburbs is the public transportation. If you need to commute to Chicago, there are options to take the Metra train. However, if you want to take a public bus to the store or a neighboring suburb that’s not along the Metra line, it’s a little more difficult. Public transportation is limited and runs infrequently. To get the most out of your suburb experience, it’s best to rent a car or be strategic about your location.

Renting a Short-Term Corporate Apartment in the City

While many people are currently favoring the suburbs, there’s still something to be said about living in the middle of a great city like Chicago. The energy is contagious and there’s always something going on. If you want a more fast-paced life, the city is where you’ll find it.

Great Walk Scores

One of the best parts about relocating to Chicago are the high walk scores to bars, restaurants, shopping, and entertainment. Depending on the neighborhood you’re in, you may never need to use public transportation. However, in the midst of COVID-19, many places you’d normally walk to are closed.

Arts, Theater, Culture, and Entertainment

The culture that emanates from downtown Chicago is unbeatable. There are hundreds of museums, theaters, and opportunities to see live comedians, bands, or improv. If you’re a fan of the arts, Chicago is the best place to be. While this is usually a booming industry, you’ll need to stay on top of COVID-19 closure updates and capacity limits if you’re interested in scheduling anything right now.

No Need for a Car

In conjunction with high walk scores, Chicago has one of the best public transportation systems in the country. In fact, the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) is the nation’s second largest public transportation system. If you’re looking to get somewhere in a hurry, the CTA is affordable and easy to navigate.

Views, Energy, Vibes!

There’s something to be said about waking up, pulling back your blinds, and taking in an impeccable view of one of the most beautiful skylines there is. Chicago offers unparalleled views, energy, and vibes that can be a little addicting. You’ll never get bored of seeing Navy Pier or lake Michigan, even when it’s below freezing outside.

Included Security Features

If you’re looking for an added layer of security, short-term corporate apartments in Chicago are a great option. With a 24-hour door person, you’ll never have to worry about break-ins or unsolicited guests. In addition to security, this makes your fully furnished apartment feel even more like home.

While these are all great benefits to renting a short-term corporate apartment in the city, the current situation regarding COVID-19 has drastically changed how life operates. Due to the increased number of people living in such close proximity, transmission rates are far higher than those in the suburbs. Many major cities around the U.S. like New York, Los Angeles, and Chicago, have completely closed down in an effort to ebb infections.

Regardless of if you’re working from home or the office, renters are preferring the suburbs over cities more than ever before. While the economic impact of coronavirus may play a role in this decision, it’s also about regaining some sense of normalcy. Suburbs are more spread out, tend to be quieter, and have more options for outdoor activities. Many bars and restaurants are still open, and life seems to be returning to normal—for the most part. Regardless of if you decide on a furnished short-term rental in the city or the suburbs, Corporate Suites Network can help. Call or email us today to learn more about Corporate Suites Network’s convenient locations throughout Illinois and beyond.