Livin’ La Vida Local: What You Need To Know About Lollapalooza

Learning The Lessons Of Lolla

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A three-day, sweat-stained, eardrum-busting music fest isn’t ideal for every Chicagoan. But guess what: Lollapalooza is going to affect everyone in a 20-mile radius this weekend whether you want it to or not. And it’s not apologizing.


From Friday, August 3 through Sunday, August 5, this city is going to quadruple its chaos factor thanks to Lolla’s Grant Park overtaking. It’ll be a full house around here; all passes—three- and single-day—are sold out. (Feeling chancey? Roam around outside the gates and try scalping a pass. But, hey, no promises here.)

If you’re a music lover lacking a Lolla wristband, don’t fear. This link will take you to a live stream of the festival, plus the schedule: Staying in your cozy suite avoiding the chaos, heat, crowds, and cost of a ticket while still catching your favorite acts? Not a bad gig at all.


Some of the headliners you can look forward to watching are The Black Keys and Black Sabbath on Friday, Avicii and Red Hot Chili Peppers on Saturday, and Florence & the Machine and Jack White on Sunday. You can keep up with fest photos, streams, news, etc. by staying tapped into social media too. Find Lollapalooza on Facebook, follow the fest at @lollapalooza on Twitter and use #lolla on Instagram for pics. Get more details on the site:

Even if your work or play isn’t in the vicinity of Grant Park, your transportation will suffer. Public transit is your best bet for city navigation this weekend, just keep in mind that the Red and Blue Lines will be especially packed headed to and from downtown and Metra stations (what, you thought suburbanites don’t want in on Lolla action?). If you’re a commuter, hop on the Metra well before 10a.m. and no later than 9p.m. to miss the brunt of the bustle.


Driving? Plan routes that don’t land you in the midst of the Loop. Not all the streets are closed near the festival, but street-roaming Lolla-goers like to pretend they are. Steer clear of Jackson, Monroe, Columbus, Michigan, Balbo and Lake Shore once they enter the downtown area.


We’re not trying to make you out to be a Lolla-loather. But all the trimmings tied to the event can be a bit much. Our advice? Hold a personal live stream viewing party in your suite and hit the town after 10p.m. The fest requires pre-purchased passes, but the sure-to-be poppin’ nightlife throughout the city this weekend sure doesn’t.