Livin’ La Vida Local: Staying at The Iroquois Club

What to Do Outside Your Naperville Corporate Apartment

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Just because you’re staying in the suburbs and not in the heart of downtown Chicago doesn’t mean there’s a lack of awesome stuff to do. You’re staying at the Iroquois Club in Naperville, and the possibilities are all around you. Start discovering.

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Get out and about nice and early and score breakfast at Butterfield’s Pancake House and Restaurant, just a half mile away. This Best Local spot is a neighborhood hotspot thanks to the beloved New Orleans French toast and bacon waffle.

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Cure your dinner hunger at Yamado Japanese Restaurant, just a half mile away. The Yelp! dish says it all about this sushi hot spot: “The sushi is among the best in Naperville (as far as I’m concerned, the best), and as others have said, the pricing is exceptional. The atmosphere is welcoming and the owners and staff are very friendly.”

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Follow up dinner with some sweets atOgden 5 Theatre, just 0.3 miles away. The theater is charmingly retro, the perfect, comfortable setting for movies you may just have missed seeing in traditional cineplexes. Oh, did we mention the showings are super cheap?

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Sometimes you don’t want a fancy night out; you just want a beer. Head to World of Beer, just 0.3 miles away. The Yelp! reviews might help persuade you to come out: “I quite enjoyed it, the bartender was very helpful and provided free tastes of the stuff he thought I’d enjoy after I ordered my first beer. He was totally in sync with my palate. The selection of beer is nothing short of awesome.”