Livin’ La Vida Local: Reminiscing in Record Stores

CSN Inside Sales Coordinator, Erica Hale, Guest Blogs Her Throwback Experience

Courtesy of Old School Records

Do you remember getting your first Walkman? What about dancing in the living room as your parents played your favorite record on the record player? Talk about a throwback.

All these happy thoughts flooded my mind as I stumbled across a local record store called Old School Records (7446 W. Madison St.) in suburban Forest Park. My eyes widened and I wore a big grin as I walked around like a kid in a candy store. Even though I don’t currently own a record player, the experience was so nostalgic. The store was filled with deep crates, and the walls were covered with records. There was even a record player on stand-by for your listening pleasure.

Courtesy of Old School Records

I came across Whitney Houston’s debut self-titled album, Michael Jackson and The Jackson 5 records and so much more. Old School Records reminded me of the record store in my favorite movie “Love Jones”—I even asked the manager if they used his store, but he quickly laughed and said no.

They had a large array of CD’s to choose from too. So, of course, I had to look for Anita Baker’s first CD. To my surprise, it was only $5.

CSN’s Inside Sales Coordinator Erica Hale shows off a great find at Old School Records in Forest Park.

My throwback experience made me think that big box stores—as well as technology—killed the local record store. It’s a different feeling going to a locally owned record store as opposed to a large electronics chain where a young kid in a polo and khakis is there to help, not a long-time store owner. But at this spot in Forest Park, it was obvious that every employee genuinely loves music and could answer any of my questions. I will definitely be back.

P.S.  I have been jamming to Anita’s CD every since!

Courtesy of Old School Records

Old School Records is 8 miles from Elm Creek Apartments in Elmhurst. To get there, head east on E. Roosevelt Rd., and take the exit on the left toward I-290 E/Eisenhower Expy/Chicago Loop. Merge onto I-88 E, then merge onto I-290 E. Turn left onto Des Plaines Ave., and turn right onto Madison St.