How to Prepare for an Extended Stay Business Trip

Travel is an essential part of doing business in many industries. It allows companies to grow, foster meaningful relationships, and procure new clients. Sometimes, business trips only last a few hours and associates are back in their hometown by the end of the day. However, in many cases, extended business trips are necessary to ensure that the job gets done. Whether it’s your first extended stay business trip or your fortieth, the preparation never seems to get easier. Business travel is often unpredictable and corporate housing suites vary from place to place. To make sure you’re prepared for anything, we recommend putting in the time and effort before you hit the road. For a successful itinerary from take-off to return, here’s how to prepare for an extended stay business trip.

8 Steps to Prepare for an Extended Stay Business Trip

Before you leave, take the time to properly prepare using these 8 steps. Always consider the season and weather of your destination in addition to the length of your stay when you’re packing and finding corporate housing. If you need to travel internationally, your preparation will vary.

1. Find Your Ideal Neighborhood

When you find out which city or state you’re going to be staying in, spend some time looking for your ideal neighborhood. Where you decide to stay is going to impact your work-life balance and overall happiness during your extended business trip. When going to Chicago, choosing the right neighborhood can be overwhelming. With over 200 neighborhoods within 77 different community areas, your options are endless. Choosing a neighborhood is a very personal decision and tends to depend on what you want to do and see. Some popular areas include West Loop, River North, Streeterville, the New East Side, and the Gold Coast area.

2. Determine Your Furnishing Requirements

Where you decide to live for your extended stay business trip is going to make or break your experience. Consider your bare minimum requirements in addition to some features that would make your life more enjoyable. Corporate Suites Network offers reliable WiFi capabilities and connectivity, ample space for productivity with a desk and/or large dining area, and many furnishings you’d find in the comfort of your own home. Our objective is to provide guests with all the warmth and comforts of home while responding to their needs quickly and earnestly.

3. Consider Luxury Amenities

In addition to finding fully furnished housing with everything you need for a successful, productive business stay, consider some luxury amenities. Different corporate apartments throughout Chicago offer different luxury features. Corporate Suites Network has locations with private outdoor areas, internal gyms, rooftop terraces, movie theaters, indoor and outdoor pools, conference rooms, and more. If you’re looking to maximize your city experience, State and Chestnut offers some of the most unbeatable views of the city.

4. Contact a Reputable Corporate Housing Network

Every corporate housing network is different and who you work with will be a big determinant in your happiness throughout the duration of your stay. Corporate Suites Network is committed to providing our residents with service that goes above and beyond industry standards. To learn more about our available furnished apartments or talk to one of our representatives, contact us today.

5. Make a Plan for Your Pet

For business travelers with pets, going on an extended stay can seem stressful. Many people don’t want to leave their animals behind for a month or longer, so finding corporate housing that allows you to bring them along is ideal. All the locations at Corporate Suites Network are pet friendly and many of our locations have specific areas designated to pampering your pet. Always call ahead to discuss your pet needs and to inquire about any pet fees or restrictions.

6. Pack Appropriately

One of the most challenging aspects for many people preparing for an extended stay business trip is figuring out how to pack appropriately. If you’re going away for a month or longer, it can seem like a big task. However, it’s easier than you think. Separate your packing list into three primary categories: needs, wants, and extras.

You’ll need to pack any medications but remember that there are hundreds of national pharmacies throughout the country. You’ll also need glasses, contacts, essential electronics, business files, and an appropriate amount of clothes. We recommend choosing about 10 shirts or blouses for work, 8 pairs of pants, skirts, or dresses, 2 pairs of business footwear, and as many socks and underwear that you’ll use in a week. You will be able to do laundry and having a variety of pants and shirts will give you the chance to mix up your outfits throughout your extended stay. Remember, overpacking can cause longer airport waits and is usually unnecessary. If you want to pack light and don’t mind wearing the same outfits each week, you can reduce the number of shirts and pants to one for every day of the work week.

You’ll want to pack a few outfits for non-work activities like exploring the city or getting in a workout. Pack seasonally appropriate clothing and footwear. Extras include any books or e-readers, sources of entertainment, et cetera. Avoid packing toiletries. Instead, wait until you’re at your housing and go purchase regular sized items. This will save room in your bag and avoid unnecessary spills.

7. Optimize Mobility

Try to pack using suitcases and bags that will fully optimize your mobility. If you have to haul equipment from one area to another and are relying on public transport, you don’t want to make it difficult. Using roller suitcases with attachable briefcases can help you get the most out of your day-to-day traveling. There are also plenty of great business-specific bags on the market to improve your mobility while on the ground.

8. Maximize Your Experience

Just because you’re going on an extended business trip does not mean you can’t enjoy yourself. If you’re going to a new city, maximize your experience by planning some fun ways to explore during your time off. Corporate Suites Network’s Chicago locations are strategically located in highly walkable neighborhoods, providing unbeatable access to some of the city’s best attractions.

Where you choose to live for your extended stay business trip will make a big difference on the quality of your everyday life. Finding a place that feels like home with luxurious amenities and essential furnishings in a neighborhood you love will make your extended stay feel more like a vacation. Chicago has so much to offer and as the city continues to re-open, you’ll always have something to do on your time off. Corporate Suites Network has several properties spread throughout different neighborhoods in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Our fully furnished corporate housing rentals provide our residents with all the essentials, allowing you to maximize productivity without causing disruptions to your routine. All our corporate properties in Chicago come equipped with high-speed Internet at no extra cost to you, carefully selected furnishings, and an array of luxury amenities. Call or email us today to learn more about how Corporate Suites Network’s properties will help you feel at home during your extended stay business trip.