Best Local: Learn The History of The Cubs vs. Sox Debate

It’s a rivalry that’s spanned the ages. It’s broken up families, ended relationships and halted friendships. It’s a common first date question for many Chicagoans: Are you a Cubs fan or a Sox fan? While staying at an CSN Chicago corporate housing location, it’s must-know part of the city’s history.

 It started in 1900, when the American league was founded. Charles Comiskey, owner of the then Saint Paul Saints, moved his team to Chicago. The Cubs, part of the National league, put up a fight, but finally agreed under one condition: stay South of 35th Street. Their first meeting at the 1906 World Series fueled the fire. In modern times, the ’06 fight between Cubs Michael Barrett and Sox A.J. Pierzynski didn’t help, nor did Carlos Zambrano’s outburst at U.S. Cellular in 2010. These days, it’s everything: Wrigley or U.S. Cellular? Captain Morgan or Bacardi? Addison stop or 35th?

No matter what colors you choose, the teams both have one thing in common: Chicago. The Cubs may have been here first, but the Sox have solidified a part in the cities beloved world of professional sports. Both teams, and their rivalry, are part of what makes Chicago unique.

So whether your jersey says Castro or Konerko, make sure you hit the stadium while you still have time. If here on a Chicago extended stay in one of our fully furnished apartments, why not do the unthinkable and check out both?